About Karen...

Karen Page is a world-renowned psychic that influences and provides direction to thousands of people around the globe and dramatically impacts the lives of those she meets. Famous celebrities, politicians, law enforcement, CEO's of major corporations, small business owners, and just ordinary people reach out to Karen for psychic counseling. From her one-on-one readings on the phone or in-person, to national radio and TV appearances, Karen has a global network of friends and clients that come to her regularly for clarity in their life.

Karen's life's work is to carry out God's plan for herself and has taken a solemn oath to selflessly help others with her god-given gift. 



A Message from Karen...


Throughout childhood, my mother used to tell me, "Man plans and God unplans..." My life's work is an ongoing testament to the wisdom of my mother's words.

Growing up, I thought everyone was like me. I thought everyone "just knew things." Reality set in upon entering junior high. A group of girls I tried to "fit in" with, very pointedly showed me that these "extraordinary gifts" I possessed ... of knowing, seeing, and feeling things about everyone, and everything, was definitely not shared, understood, or welcome by everyone.   

What I knew about people and their lives seemed "normal" to me. It was like breathing. I grew up around my Aunt Dorothy, a spiritual reader for over 50 years, and my mother's friend Rachel, a card reader. My child's "gift of sight" was very clear to them... and to others throughout my early teens, including the great seers Peter Hurkos and Jeanne Dixon.

I used to be amazed every time my Aunt Dorothy would pull some psychic rabbit out of her hat. Each week I sat dreamy eyed at her dining room table, drinking coffee from genuine Franciscan wear cups, saying, "Gee, I wish I could do that." With twinkling eyes, she would pat my hand and say, "Don't worry sweetheart, your day will come."

At 8 years old my mother asked me what I wanted to do when I "grew up", my "plan" had been to become a lawyer... I told her in the very dramatic vision of an 8 year old, "Mom, if I can touch just one person's life and make it better, I will be happy. I just want to help people." My plan persisted until age 12 when "God's plan" manifested itself so strongly in my life, there was simply no turning back.

It started out with simple things in everyday conversation, no big revelations. Then it quite literally took over every word that came out of my mouth, no matter who I was talking to. I noticed the startled look on people's faces after a 10 or 15 minute conversation. They would stare at me and say, "How did you know that?" I was already very shy, so freaking people out just by talking was driving me crazy. I had no idea how weird this was for people, to meet some young girl that just knew all about them, and spoke to them like she was living their life. It seemed so normal to me, but whatever this was, at the time it was completely unnerving every person I spoke with. I couldn't open my mouth without predictions falling out. Whether it was about someone's life, or the world in general, I couldn't imagine what was happening to me... and what I was supposed to "do" with all of this?

I was recommended to a reader that had repeated many of the "predictions" I had made to a friend. Of course I was just having breakfast with him when I "predicted" these events in his life. To me they were just part of a casual breakfast conversation. When he called and told me what this psychic had said, in his words, "She told me exactly what you told me," I made an appointment. She told me I would be doing, "The Work". I would be like Arthur Ford. At barely 12 I thought she meant I would be making cars... within a year, I knew very clearly what "The Work" was, and the importance of her reference to the great psychic/medium Arthur Ford.

"The Work" finally had a name. I was "a psychic." I was befriended by a group of other psychics. There were tarot card readers, psychic investigators, some did psychometry, and some read plain playing cards. It took me a while to find my way on this road. This road to find my "tools", the method that was most comfortable for me. I would only read for other readers for the first two years of recognizing my "gift." Being normal, I refused to admit this was "God's Plan" for me.

During this time, my world fell apart. Major health, family and money issues engulfed every part of my life. Finally, I asked God if he was mad at me. The answer came through a friend... She said, "Karen you keep asking God to show you the door. You are standing in it! Open your eyes!"

It was the beginning of my life.

I believe everyone has God given "gifts." Seeing, knowing, feeling... These are some of mine. Some people are gifted with the ability to paint, some write, sing, and dance... Some are blessed with a talent to teach, to parent, and some to heal. Recognizing my psychic "gifts", and the responsibilities that come with them, have opened doors for spiritual growth throughout my life.

I have worked with my "psychic gifts" now for over thirty years. I am blessed in ways I could never have imagined. My "gifts" have taken me around the world to live and work with people from every walk of life. When asked what I do, I tell people "I have the most interesting job in the world, no two lives are alike."

I am blessed to have worked with everyone, from homicide detectives in Los Angeles, California to MP's in London parliament. With heads of Japanese media corporations to bankers in Brazil, housewives, lawyers, contractors, artists. Everyone. Everyday another door in life opens because of my work.

Many years passed before I realized how long I have been doing this. Each day seems so fresh with possibilities. When clients say, "Wow! Karen, I've been coming to you now 20 years, or 30 years", it is still profound and amazing to me. I have predicted many marriages and then danced at them. I have predicted babies and then been blessed to become part of their lives too. I advise many large corporations that started as ideas when we met.

I've read for movie stars, executives, astronauts, bakers, engineers, and photographers. I can still hear my words to my mother, "If I can just touch one person's life, and make it better, I will be happy. I just want to help people." How wise was my mother? How blessed am I?... that God was listening to the prayer of an 8 year old girl named Karen Page? And unplanned my life...

Everyday I am blessed by my work... helping my clients... by "touching" their lives, helping heal their pain, and opening spiritual doors... my dream becomes reality.