With the exception of One Question readings, most readings last approximately 90 minutes via phone.
In-person readings are by referral. Readings with Karen Page are by appointment ONLY.



Personal Readings

A reading with me is not for the spiritually "faint of heart." If you are looking for the vague, "make me feel good," tell me what I want to hear kind of reading, I can't help you, and am the wrong psychic for you to consult with. My mother always said, "Don't ask Karen if you don't want the truth." I have a very strong relationship with God and my agreement with God is outlined like this. "I will do this work as long as you want me to, and as long as I have the clarity and ability to help people work with the truth in their lives."

No matter how difficult the issue is, I will never lie or make something up in a reading, period. My readings consist of very detailed, intimate knowledge about whoever I am reading for, helping them confront the most personal and challenging aspects of their life. Though I am extremely warm, and frequently find humor in life, because I genuinely love my clients, they find that a reading with me focuses on pertinent, very specific, and important information impacting their life. My "gift" is to see in to the heart of relationships - what is not apparent on the surface. Since everything in our lives is centered around relationships of every kind, whether it is a parent, child, co-worker, lover, employer, or friend, a persons motives, feelings and intent, regarding involvement with my client, is uncannily clear to me. My readings are full of surprises for people, because I see their lives through different eyes, with no anticipated outcome.

Most of my clients don't have to ask a lot of questions because I cover a lot of ground in a reading. Certainly, if there are specific things they want answered immediately, I will address those issues first. Usually I just talk about what I "see" and "feel" in their lives and describe in great detail, people, places, events, conversations and outcomes of circumstances in their lives.

My readings don't have a specific "order" to them. I start with what "comes up" first. It is important to me that the client receives "something" from the reading, and I will spend as much time as possible to help them resolve these critical issues. I am here to provide answers to questions and solutions to the issues in life so my clients have a clearer and better understanding of their life.

A client must realize that I too, am human. I am not God, not I, nor can any psychic, "fix" their lives. I am here to help and guide. I can tell you what I see, and what will happen, and how to act appropriately to protect yourself, or your interests in any given situation. But, I can't force you to actually hear me, to listen, or to act accordingly. Nor will I be made responsible for your life. I work very hard for my clients well-being because I care what happens to them. I weigh every word that comes from my mouth in a reading, as I am very clear how the "words" I say in a reading impact a person's life. Again, my agreement with God is to help people. My "gift" for helping people is delivered through my readings.



Business Readings

A business reading is like having someone that has been, not only inside your life, but inside every one that you have been doing business with, too. I work with every type of business from stockbrokers, land developers, health care providers, advertising, entertainment and music industry executives to shop owners and individual consultants. My clients are worldwide.

I consult on everything from the name of a company, packaging, employee relations, and product development to international banking, real estate and gem mining in Brazil. I can point out the benefits, pitfalls, and true motives and intent of who is sitting across the negotiating table from you. In a business reading I can help you find the many positive possibilities available for a new or existing business. In addition, I can help guide you through existing obstacles or potential challenges. Business readings have become an invaluable tool over the years for many of my clients worldwide. A reading can provide you with very specific, insightful, helpful information and advice, clearly assessing the need or opportunity of the business presented in the reading.

If you are interested in starting a new business, or growing an existing one, a business reading can help clarify, develop, refine and streamline your business plans.



One-Question Readings

Sometimes you just have one really important question you need answered. It can be about a love relationship, having children, family, work or getting a new job, almost any area touching your life. This is if you need an answer within 48 hours to one critical question in your life. (Sorry, this service is not available for business questions.) This service is available via email or by phone.



Frequently-Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

There will be a 15% service/processing fee charged for cancellation of any appointment. Appointments not cancelled prior to 24 hours of scheduled appointment time are non-refundable.

When is the service considered fulfilled?

A "reading" or service is fulfilled when Karen Page has provided a minimum of 45 minutes of "reading time" on phone readings, and/or has directly addressed each question, as presented for an on-line reading, in a single, mutually-agreed-upon session kept by both parties at the appointed time.

Karen Page will ask the client directly if they have any further questions. The session has concluded when the client responds with a "No" answer.

What would you consider to be an unfulfilled services?

There are a few instances:

  • Karen Page cancels the appointment WITHOUT resetting, thereby not fulfilling the service.

  • Karen Page CANNOT fulfill the service.

  • Should a client behave unprofessionally or in a manner that is offensive, threatening, or unsafe, Karen Page reserves the right to refuse service.

Karen Page reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

What should I bring?

Karen advises bringing a recording devise of some kind — the reading will be detailed.

Is there anything I CANNOT ask?

Of course not! But being that Karen only tells the absolute truth, it's advised to avoid asking any questions to which you are not fully prepared for an honest and direct answer.