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I can think of no greater gift to one’s self than to experience Karen’s piercing insight, profound empathy and practical direction. The amazing sense of renewed self-awareness and straightforward purpose that you will gain in speaking with her cannot be overstated.

Andrew M. // Los Angeles, CA


Your book My Life Across The Table is amazing and resonates with me quite a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your energy. Thank you!

Mari  //  windomar, CA  



I spoke with Karen this past weekend and she is amazing. What a wonderful gift she has. She provided me with a lot of valuable and comforting information. She is the real deal!

Michele T.  //  california  



I just finished reading your book from start to finish. (Very rare for me to finish a book so fast!) I was on edge in every page heading to work on the subway. What a great story you have! I got very inspired with your thoughts behind the reason people cry over death. Interesting perspective! Felt a connection to buy your book, since I love to study Tarot and give guidance with angel oracle cards sometimes. All the best!

evangeline k.  //  toronto, canada  



What an special gift you have. I enjoyed the book and could not put it down. Your journey is priceless.

lorraine  //  



We met 25 years ago. I worked in Century City. You gave me a reading and I was always impressed and in awe of your accuracy when it came to my family. I speak of you from time to time with friends about my experience with you.

manly s.  //  boston



Hello there! You read for me several times back in the 80s, and everything you said back then has come to pass, including a move to TX, and an older man handing me a business I never dreamed was possible. God Bless you and I hope someday to see you again.

vicki h.  //  arlington, tx 



Karen, I can not thank you enough for the reading and all the insight oh what was going on in my life. Your words have helped me to be the positive person that I am today. I could not have made it without you there to see me through the hard times in my life. I would most definitely tell all I know to contact you for a reading. Thank you again...

wronda o.  //  palmdale, ca 



You are a very special person. I spoke with you last year, and everything you told me came true. May God bless you and your family.

rosie m.  // 



I had a one-question reading with Karen this summer and she was right on. Her insight was just what I needed to get back on track to make a major decision in my life. Things were confirmed within a couple of hours. I wished I had heard her on KRTH 101. I'll be calling for the next 'big' question this week. Thanks, Karen.

Denise R.  //  westminster, CA  



Karen, thank you so much for the reading. It really gave me hope to hear that the future holds many choices for me. The information I got regarding health was invaluable and as you said, nothing happens by accident. I was meant to meet you. Your 'take' on the pix I brought was so accurate it gave me a direction to follow. I look forward to future readings!

barbara e.  //  los angeles, ca 



Thank you so much for that incredible session. My soul has been blessed and is healing. I feel like a free women and having fun. My heart felt gratitude for your service and gift of light, wisdom and healing. I feel like I have found a friend for life. May God continue to bless and keep you.

julie w.  //  san pedro, ca