Karen Page

Karen Page
Psychic Counseling

Los Angeles, CA // Worldwide



Guidance.  Support.  Security.


Karen Page is a Psychic Counselor recognized the world over not just for her incredible gifts, but for her commitment to using them as a means to provide clarity and direction to countless grateful clients, all around the globe. Maybe you're next...


Karen's Gifts, Shared with You...



Karen's counseling is not for the faint of heart, and she only tells the truth. Whether you're at a personal crossroads or are looking for general guidance, a session with Karen will bring you clarity. 

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From professional relationships to packaging decisions, Karen Page's invaluable business readings are utilized by CEOs and executives the world over.

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Navigate even the most complicated relationships with confidence and clarity. Karen's psychic insight allows her to see into relationships as though she's known both parties their entire lives.

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Personal, spiritual guidance is invaluable, and Karen's deep-seated connection to her God-given gifts mean you get spiritual advice tailored specifically for your life...both its present and its future.

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I simply would not be where I am today without Karen Page's invaluable guidance.


Read Karen's Book: My Life Across the Table!

My Life Across the Table.jpg

Karen's incredible book, My Life Across the Table chronicles the astounding journey of her life through a series of too-true-to-believe stories. Read stories about close encounters with serial killers (really!), hauntings and apparitions (yep!), and more believably-unbelievable tales than you can shake a stick of incense at.

You absolutely won't be able to put it down!

Karen on Power of Your Life TV with Dr. JoAnn White!